Welcome to the Thunderdome: or, A Movie a Day Keeps Your Loved Ones Away

I love movies. 

I know, I know. Everybody loves movies. Or at least most people do. I'm not sure about the Mormons, or people in certain parts of Siberia. And there are a few indigenous tribes in the Congo that probably haven't seen any yet (though if you believe Eli Roth, when they finally do they're gonna flip). 

But if you're like me, the silver screen is where you go to experience any number of things you'd never otherwise get a chance to. After all, it's rather unlikely any of us will ever discover an alien presence at the bottom of the ocean (The Abyss, 1989), or fend off zombies in a derelict apartment building ([REC], 2007), or make out with Ingrid Bergman on a Nazi-controlled airstrip (Casablanca, 1942), or infiltrate a diamond heist (Reservoir Dogs, 1992 if you're most of us, City on Fire, 1987 if you're that one know-it-all douchebag in your Intro to Film Studies class). So we're left with the movies, where anything is possible.

I was listening to a Nerdist interview with Tom Cruise recently, in which the shark-eyed cult leader revealed he watches one film a day, every day, as a means of studying up on the craft. And as an aspiring screenwriter who didn't attend film school, I thought to myself, "Hey! That sounds like a totally reasonable and not-at-all bat-shit crazy way of learning how to do this stuff!" Because that interview made me realize that, even though I'm obsessed with movies, and have seen a metric-butt-ton of them over the course of my life, there are still quite a few classics I've left on the table. What can I say,  that's what happens when you watch Ghostbusters (1984) 112 times. Things get lost in the shuffle. 

So over the next however-long-I-stick-with-this, I'll be watching and reviewing one film a day that I haven't previously seen. How these pieces will evolve is anyone's guess. But for now, let's consider this more of a DIY film studies class, only without the pedigree or documentation, giving you lovely readers fairly funny, moderately-insightful glimpses at amazing movies across a range of genres, from action to arthouse, comedy to character-study, drama to Dune (1984), (whatever the hell that was supposed to be).

"But how are you picking these movies," the imaginary-person-in-my-head-who's-reading-this is screaming indignantly. "How do I know this shit is worth my time!" Well, you're in luck hypothetical-internet-person, because I spent a little over 6 months compiling a list of roughly 3,700 films across 13 different genres, pulled from best-of (and in some cases worst-of) lists created by sites like The AV Club, Time Out, The Atlantic, Rotten Tomatoes, and The Guardian (to name a few). And yes, before you ask, spending that much time making a list this huge is a fairly insane thing to do. Nobody said you were in safe hands here. 

So that's what this is all about. If you think it all sounds nuts and want to check out now, I don't blame you. I think it's pretty wacky myself. But for those of you who want to come along for the ride, I think it'll be fun (or at least psuedo-informative). 

So without further ado, I present to you Man vs. Movies. Hold on to your butts. . .